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Repaint Textures for Microsoft® Flight Simulator X® .

My collection of repaints reflects a desire to fly modern aircraft within the modern world depicted in FSX. Rather than flying old classics that are weary and in need of restoration, you'll be able to fly aircraft that are already restored. I hope you enjoy my repaints. Each one is a unique set of textures, individually crafted with subtle differences among them, and different from any other textures available on the internet.


The Repaints currently include skins for the A2A Simulations® "Wings of Power II" P-51 Mustang and the Aircraft Factory® Corsair. In the pipeline are repaints for the "Wings of Power III Civilian" P-51D Mustang and Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco.  All "Wings of Power II" repaints are 100% original artwork, created with a completely new paint kit; while all the other repaints have custom artwork utilizing original paint-kits from respective model manufacturers. The Corsair exterior textures are created with a new paint kit of my own making, while other files for the Corsair are just edits of original artwork.


A2A / Aircraft Factory F4U-1 Corsair.

As with my other repaints, these are intended to depict modern civilian-owned Corsairs. I didn't purchase the Aircraft Factory Corsair until 2014, and it was quite a while before I had the spare time to work on it. As usual, I just started modifying the paint files to suit my own desires. I didn't want to get too deep into this plane with time and effort. Well, after some time and effort it was too late! One thing led to another and I was knee-deep in yet another project I didn't have time for. But the Corsair is, perhaps, my favorite WW2 fighter - only equalled by North American Aviation's wild pony.

Lots of yummy snacks to be found here for the Aircraft Factory Corsair!


aeroSOFT BroncoX OV-10 Bronco.

I purchased Aerosoft's OV-10 in 2014 and started in on it rather quickly. I have always been a fan of the awkward, yet kickass, design of the Bronco, and its low-level service to the United States beginning in Vietnam as it literally chopped through the tops of the jungle at times as a FAC aircraft. It was a tough, maneuverable, versatile product from the same bunch who made the P-51.

As an "OV" observation plane it would make a nice "commuter aircraft" with its visibility and turbo-prop reliability.



A2A WoP2 P-51 Mustang

The WoP2 Mustang is now dated, but I put out a large volume of repaints for it to give it new life until the newer WoP3 Mustang came out. If you have the older Wings of Power 2 Mustang, this is the place for the most up-to-date repaints. I still suggest just forking over the money and getting the latest WoP3 Mustang as soon as you can.

I took most of my P-51 referrence photos of "Stang Evil", a P-51D-30-NT Mustang that lives at a local Colorado airport. Many details are all based upon photos of this Mustang. From these photos I have colorized and modified my textures when necessary to create variations found among existing Mustangs. Exhaust panels that surround the exhaust stacks vary with each Mustang. They're as unique as fingerprints, and each one has its own unique colorization.



A2A WoP3 P-51 Mustang (Civilian)

While my "WoP3" textures may be used for either military or civilian Mustangs, they are intended for use with the clean and pampered Mustangs that may be seen on the Airshow circuit. Using my textures for wartime aircraft would be better served by applying some weathering and grime. Also, wartime paint was applied in haste and could vary month-to-month, with no concern about straight lines or proper colors. If using my repaints for wartime Mustangs, keep in mind that my repaints are intentionally cleaner and well defined.




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